Today’s episode is all about soul connection and how you can experience it with your partner using one of my favorite Tantric rituals, Masculine/Feminine worship.


Whether you feel that your partner is your soul mate, wish that he was, or hope that he is but you’re not sure…this 4 step ritual will have you feeling more connected than you have since the two of you first met.


In today’s episode I discuss:


  • Soul connection – what it is and the difference between soul connection and attraction
  • Why so few of us experience soul connection or if we do, why we loose that feeling over time
  • The importance of ritual – what it is, how we can create ritual space to return to soul connection and attraction in a way that feels safe and doesn’t take a ton of time
  • One of my favorite Tantric rituals to experience deep connection and honor for your partner
  • The 4 step process for masculine/feminine worship so you’ll know how to do it yourself.


Here’s the process in text form so you can have it to refer to and try out with your partner:


Step one: Set up your ritual space


You’re going to set the room up for a sacred sexual experience. Have some candles lit, soft music in the background, make sure you’re showered and fresh and have the bed made and pillows set up.


Step two: Ask each other the following questions:


When you’re ready to begin, sit across from each other in a cross-legged position and ask each other the following questions.


1) What does being fully in your masculine/feminine mean to you? Share what it looks like and feels like and share some of your ideals for manhood/womanhood for yourself.


2) When s/he comes to a natural pause, ask her/him – What supports you as a woman or man?


Step three: See her/him as the highest version of her/himself.


As a man/woman, feel yourself transfigure into the highest version of masculinity/femininity. Feel yourself as a god/goddess. See yourself already as this highest version of yourself while your female/male partner holds this vision for you simultaneously.


Step four: pussy/penis worship


Starting with the man/woman, have him/her lie down naked while giving partner kneels in between the receiving partner’s legs. Receiving partner, taking a deep breath and allow yourself to receive this worship.


As the female partner giving this worship, taking a moment to look at his penis, feeling it as the home of consciousness, power, strength, and integrity – having a sense of reverence and awe of his penis. And then anoint his penis with oil as you repeat 3 times “You are sacred, you are sacred, you are sacred.” Finally, female partner placing both of your hands over his penis and kneeling and allowing a sense of love and respect for your man and his body.


Then switching roles and as the male partner giving this worship, taking a moment to look at her vulva, seeing it as the home, the temple of power, beauty, energy, love and sacredness – having a sense of awe and reverence for this beautiful part of her. And then anoint her vulva with oil as you repeat 3 times, “You are sacred, you are sacred, you are sacred.” Finally, male partner placing both hands over her vulva and kneeling and allowing a sense of love and respect for your woman and her body.


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