As a mother these days, it’s assumed that we’re depleted, turned-off, stressed-out, depressed, and anything but radiant.

Because we’re raised to believe that motherhood=martyrdom.

We have so few examples of what a radiant, alive, vibrant, and sensually embodied mother actually looks like.

Because, for the most part, all we see and know about mothers is that they’re over-worked, under paid, under slept, and unhappy with their relationships, careers, and lives in general.

What is up with that?

Why are we perpetuating a model of motherhood that assumes we are to give up our hopes, dreams, and pleasures (aka our radiance, vitality, and sensuality) in exchange for raising children?

A model that to ‘make it as a woman’ means that you have to disconnect from your emotions, hide your vulnerability, learn to be aggressive, completely separate work life from home life, and rely on logic, intellect, competition, striving and pushing to make it.

A model that worked in the 1950’s but does no longer.

It’s no wonder that we loose our radiance, our turn-on, our sexiness, our spark, and our aliveness after having kids when all we know is how to go through life the way that most of our male counterparts do.

The great news is, more mothers than ever are working from home, starting internet-based businesses and…succeeding (!!!) with newborn or toddler in tote.

But, the truth is…any radiant, alive, and vibrant mama that looks like she’s doing it all – isn’t. And that’s her secret.

Here’s the thing – you want more without having to do more because you’ve been doing more your entire life and you’re tired.

I get it.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that you weren’t meant to do it all. You weren’t designed to be the sole provider of love, support, and care-giving to your children.

Inherently, we are a tribal species that’s meant to utilize the love and support of other women in the tribe to make it through child-rearing while growing older gracefully.

Since we don’t live in tribal societies anymore, many of us have lost touch with what it means to share care-giving responsibilities and to maintain balance, harmony, and radiance in our lives.

What we don’t realize is that by perpetuating this unsustainable 1950’s model of motherhood, we’re denying ourselves self-care, self-pleasure, and in-turn our radiance, aliveness, and sensuality.

And we’re slowing dying inside disowning and even cutting off the part of us that keeps us alive and vibrant in the first place.

The thing is, your kids don’t need you to do more for them. They need you to be present with them, in a radiant, alive and vibrant way, not a stressed out, turned-off or emotionally unavailable way.

Your kids need you radiant, alive, and connected to your sensuality so you spare them the thinking that they too have to sacrifice their health, their vitality, and their radiance if they choose to be mothers too.

They need you to be an example of what true radiance is.

Radiance isn’t about outward beauty.

It’s an ageless beauty that comes from within you. It’s a light that can’t be turned off or even dimmed with the accumulation of years, it’s what keeps you alive and vibrant and connected to your sensuality well into your 80’s or even 90’s….

Your kids need you more inwardly radiant, more self-loving and accepting of others.

Not outwardly beautiful.

Guess what, that boob job or botox treatment you’re thinking about getting won’t do the trick. Because that’s not radiance.

Your kids need you radiating and connecting to the light within you, the part of you that’s ageless, the part of you that consults your inner wisdom and follows your gut, the part of you that doesn’t settle and that lives a balanced, harmonious, and well-lived life.

What’s getting in the way of you connecting with this part of yourself? Do you not allow time for yourself? Do you put yourself and your own needs last while you care for the kids day-in and day-out while your husband goes to work everyday? Are you denying yourself self-care and pleasure?

You don’t have to loose yourself to motherhood anymore like the women who came before us did just to ‘make it as a women’.

There’s another way, a new model, a new paradigm and it starts with you saying “Yes, I want THAT!”

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With so much love,