Looking for a natural and effective way to awaken your sexual energy and strengthen your postpartum vagina?

The ancient Toaist Jade Egg practice was created by women and for women to unlock storehouses of sexual energy to create inner radiance and vitality.

It also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor in a way that kegels can’t.

So, what is a jade egg and what do I actually do with it?


Because the egg is worn internally inside your vagina (and no, it CAN NOT get lost), it’s important to know to purchase quality Nephrite Jade only. Only 1 out of 10 jade eggs that are sold online are actually pure jade. Nephrite jade is used because the stone is strong, dense, and pure, preventing any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. The particular jade eggs that I sell are 100% Canadian Nephrite Jade in a medium size.

The egg comes horizontally drilled so you can string it and easily clean it. This is important if you’re interested in doing vaginal weightlifting to improve pelvic floor strength to help heal prolapse or incontinence (super common after having babies!) or if you’re simply terrified of loosing it in there (I promise, it’s impossible!).

Once your egg comes in, you’ll receive a link to 2 instructional videos that will teach you basic care instructions and how to do a basic jade egg practice.


$70 USD (Includes shipping & 2 instructional videos)


How does the jade egg work to increase pleasure and improve pelvic floor strength?


When the egg is inside, it massages reflexology points deep within and at different points inside your vagina to relax your pelvic floor while strengthening it and toning it at the same time. Doing kegels over and over again often create a tense vagina. To increase pleasure, you want a relaxed but tone vagina…and this is what the jade egg does and how it’s remarkably different and has many more benefits than doing kegels.

Within about 2 weeks of starting a regular jade egg practice (practicing for about 10 minutes per day 3-5 times per week), the vagina starts becoming toned AND relaxed allowing blocked sexual energy to awaken and move throughout your body.

If you’re interested in taking the practice further than the pure physical benefits, I highly encourage you to contact me to set up a one-on-one Jade Egg session by emailing into lacey@laceyborussard.com to help you take your practice further and really get your sexual energy awakening and flowing.

Get your Jade Egg practice started and also receive 2 instructional videos here:

$70 USD