Looking for a natural and effective way to awaken your sexual energy and strengthen your pelvic floor?

The ancient Taoist Jade Egg practice was created by women and for women to unlock storehouses of sexual energy to create inner radiance and vitality.

It also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor in a way that kegels can’t.

So, what is a jade egg and what do I actually do with it?


Because the egg is worn internally inside your vagina (and no, it CAN NOT get lost), it’s important to know to purchase quality Nephrite Jade only. Only 1 out of 10 jade eggs that are sold online are actually pure jade. Nephrite jade is used because the stone is strong, dense, and pure, preventing any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. The particular jade eggs that I sell are 100% Canadian Nephrite Jade in a medium size.

The egg comes horizontally drilled so you can string it and easily clean it. This is important if you’re interested in doing vaginal weightlifting to improve pelvic floor strength to help heal prolapse or incontinence (super common after having babies!) or if you’re simply terrified of loosing it in there (I promise, it’s impossible!).

Once your egg comes in, you’ll receive a link to 2 instructional videos that will teach you basic care instructions and how to do a basic jade egg practice.


$70 USD (Includes shipping & 2 instructional videos)


How does the jade egg work to increase pleasure and improve pelvic floor strength?


When the egg is inside, it massages reflexology points deep within and at different points inside your vagina to relax your pelvic floor while strengthening it and toning it at the same time. Doing kegels over and over again often create a tense vagina. To increase pleasure, you want a relaxed but tone vagina…and this is what the jade egg does and how it’s remarkably different and has many more benefits than doing kegels.

Within about 2 weeks of starting a regular jade egg practice (practicing for about 10 minutes per day 3-5 times per week), the vagina starts becoming toned AND relaxed allowing blocked sexual energy to awaken and move throughout your body.

Want VIP support?

In my jade egg coaching sessions, I create a safe container for you to experience the magic of the jade egg practice as I gently guide you through 3 different hour-long sessions. In the hour long sessions, you’ll have time to open fully to heal, awaken and retrain your body to experience pleasure in ways you never have before. The sessions may be done over phone, Skype, or Zoom (international sessions, Skype or Zoom only) but there is no nudity or need for me to see you. You can simply turn the screen away.

Why do we need to work together to get there? Because the jade egg practice is pretty comprehensive and you will have no idea what to do without me.

Sure, you can purchase the egg from me and play around with it for a while, but that’s literally like buying a textbook on biology and thinking that reading it will make you a doctor. You need a teacher. And a really good one.

In your 3 jade egg coaching sessions, we’ll cover:

Session 1: Energy and foundational practices…during the first session, we talk about the foundations of the jade egg practice and I’ll give you an energy and foundational practice to help clear and prepare your body for the powerful jade egg practices.

Session 2: We’ll evaluate what’s happened and opened up for you since we last met after doing the energy and foundational practices. Then, we’ll decide together if doing a pleasure, healing, power, wild, or sexy jade egg practice is right for you. I’ll guide you through the practice and record it for you so you can work with it on your own.

Session 3: We’ll evaluate how your first jade egg practices have gone and we’ll decide on a different type of practice from the 5 that I offer.

Overview of the 5 types of sessions I offer:

  1. Pleasure Session is designed for the celebration and awakening of your pleasure, or if anything else shows up, for holding, accepting and embracing whatever is in the way. If there are blockages or resistance to pleasure, this session provides a safe space for you to explore that, go deeper with it and help restore and recover the extensive pleasure available to you in your body. Since you are biologically wired for pleasure, the pleasure session is an invitation to awaken, enhance, celebrate and revel in pleasure or to accept and become conscious to whatever is in the way of pleasure.
  2. Healing Session is intended to create healing and integration and to empower you to know how to heal yourself and integrate trauma or experiences in your own body so you’re not always dependent on having a coach or therapist. This session is very helpful if you’ve experienced sexual trauma or conditioning that affects your sexuality and intimate relationships.
  3. Power Session is designed to help you become empowered energetically, physically, and physiologically in your sexuality as a woman. It will help activate and wake up your sexual energy to create a flow of this fiery, vital and essential energy. It also teaches you how to strengthen your pelvic floor using the jade egg and weights if you so choose.
  4. Wild Session helps you either open up wildness or ground and provide the stability, nourishment and safety for you to completely, and in a balanced and healthy way, access your wild. This session will help you bring back the wildness and help you to feel how delicious, nourishing, life changing and empowering it is when you allow yourself to express your wild.
  5. Sexy Session is designed to give you permission to experience the fullness of your sexuality and to help you grow and expand your sexuality. It’s great for women who want to feel a sense of independence and sexual self-magic, to feel sexier, turned on and more alive, and to help you get turned on more quickly. This session invites you to feel as sexy as you want and explore yourself in new ways.

What you get in the VIP coaching package:

  • Minimum 2 energy/foundational practices to help prepare and open up your body for the jade egg practice
  • 2 hour-long recorded jade egg practices of your choosing (you choose between the pleasure, healing, power, wild, or sexy practice)
  • One-on-one guidance for all your jade egg questions and how to maximize the benefits for your specific goal
  • Safe space to talk about and integrate your sex/love/relationship hangups
  • A 100% pure nephrite jade egg with free shipping
  • A link to 2 free instructional videos on how to care for your egg and a very basic 10-minute practice when you don’t have the time to do a long one

Once you purchase your package, I’ll be in touch with shipping information and send you my calendar to book your first appointment within 24 hours.

Already have a jade egg? Purchase the Coaching upgrade package instead.


Beginner Package

•  Jade Egg

•  2 free instructional videos

•  Free shipping

$70 USD

Coaching Upgrade

•  3 Private one-on-one jade egg coaching sessions

•  Over the phone or Skype

•  Purchase this package if you already have egg & want coaching


$149 USD

VIP Package

•  3 Private one-on-one jade egg coaching sessions

•  Over the phone or Skype

•  Jade Egg

•  2 free instructional videos

•  Free shipping

•  Purchase this package if you need jade egg and want coaching too!

$219 USD