(Inspired by Kate Northrup’s recent four-part blog series on the phases of creation, I bring you the second part of my four-part blog series on the phases of desire, sexual desire, in particular. (If you missed part one, click here.) We all have desire at some point in our lives, some times more than others. Just like the phases of the moon, and the planting seasons, a woman’s desire is cyclical, like her menstrual cycle. The level of a woman’s sexual desire is often dependent on what phase of the menstrual cycle she’s in.)


Are you good at agreeing to a night of love-making and then not following through with it in the end because you’re too tired and exhausted?


Sometimes, I give myself a high-five for getting 4 kids through a day without a hospital visit.


And that means I’ve put so much energy into my kids that at the end of the day, I just.don’t.feel.like.it. all the time.


Know what I mean?


But what if there was no goal for love making? What if the pressure was off and you slowed everything down instead? How would that affect your follow through? Would you be more excited about a night of really slow, sensual, relaxing love making?


In today’s 3 minute video, you’ll learn:


  • How the slowing down phase of desire is akin to autumn/the luteal phase of your cycle/the waning moon
  • What to do when you’re in the slowing down phase of desire
  • The benefits of slowing down
  • How to use the slowing down phase of desire to turn numbness and pain into sensation and pleasure


No matter what phase of desire you’re in, it’s important to honor where you are.


Don’t know how to ask him to slow down?


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With so much love,




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