6 Keys to Reclaiming Your Power and Confidence in Birth

6 Keys to Reclaiming Your Power and Confidence in Birth

Has anyone ever rolled their eyes or looked at you funny when you told them you wanted a natural birth?

That’s because we’ve all been brainwashed.

If you’re like me, you’ve been told since you were a little girl that birth is painful and horrible and that you’re going to not only WANT the drugs, but also NEED them.

So, you do what everyone else does and let the doctor handle it.

Unless you’re hardheaded like me and decide from the get-go that it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Good new is… it doesn’t.

Bad new is… you’re gonna have to put in some time and effort to learn what it takes to reverse the brainwashing and get confident.

If you want to get confident about having an empowering, ecstatic, natural birth, you need to watch the free masterclass I have for you here.

Cause in it, you’ll learn the 6 keys to reclaiming your power and confidence in birth.

Only when you know the “what” and “why”, can you practice the HOW to have the birth experience you’re really wanting.

Check it out here!

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11 things to know for accidental or planned unassisted birth

11 things to know for accidental or planned unassisted birth

Whether it’s accidental or planned, unassisted birth happens. I’ve had one myself.

Yep, it was planned, but good thing it was because both of my labors were precipitous – meaning they were less than 2-3 hours long – leaving me unaware that I was actually in labor for much of my first birth. By the time I realized that “this is for sure labor”, I had my baby less than 30 minutes later.

Educating yourself on birth is simply one way to feeling empowered no matter what happens. You may not have a precipitous birth at home unassisted, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for you to know what to do if it does.

As a doula for 5 years now, I’ve witnessed some “close calls” making it to the hospital or birth center or waiting for the midwife to come and I know I’ve gotten really lucky to never have *had to catch a baby yet.

The point is, sometimes it happens whether you plan on it or not.

In today’s video I give you some basic ‘need to knows’ of things I would want to know knowing what I know now if I had to go back and do this thing all over again.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things you ‘need to know’ to catch your baby as you can never be too prepared or know too much. It’s good to know everything, but if you’re looking for a list to get you started on the basics, check it out here:

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to convince you that unassisted birth is safe nor is it intended to persuade or encourage you to have an unassisted birth. This video is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor or a health care professional so this information should not be taken as advice or medical advice. If you have any medical questions or concerns, you must consult a licensed health care professional.

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