How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Do you often feel overwhelmed with your never ending to-do list?

Maybe ease and flow seem far off because you have a hard time getting out of your head when you want to be present with your partner or kids or in your yoga/meditation/spiritual practice.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with thinking, or with your thoughts…as a busy mama a few people might depend on you to get that to-do list done. But, sometimes, you’d love to turn it off for a moment to be more present and sensitive to what’s going on in the hear and now or in your body.

But, never being able to turn it off really dampens your experience of pleasure, of intimacy, a yoga practice, birthing a baby, or when you really just wanna be present with yourself or with your kids or a loved one.

My favorite + easiest + quickest tool to get out of your head and into your body is called Body Meditation and I tell you all about it and show you a quick demo of how to do it in the video below. Check it out here!

Tapping into ease and flow is SO much easier when you bring on board the wisdom of your body and your intuition, but that’s really hard to do if you have a hard time getting out of your head.

I hope you’ll take advantage of my FREE 10minute Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body Guided Meditation so you can tap into ease and flow on a more regular basis. All you have to do is put your name and email in the box below or to the right and I’ll email you the link right away!


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p.s. Are you in Lafayette, LA and pregnant? Join me for prenatal yoga every Thursday 5:45 at The Yoga Garden to learn ways to relieve common pregnancy discomforts, practice building pelvic floor strength and flexibility, discover ways to aid baby to get in the optimum position for birth, and build friendships with other women due the same time as you!

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An Empowering Yoga Practice for Loving Your Pregnant Body (7) of 8 techniques for OFP

An Empowering Yoga Practice for Loving Your Pregnant Body (7) of 8 techniques for OFP

Ever wonder what you can do every day to love, feel good, and build confidence in your pregnant body?

Well, today I’ve created a 15 minute empowering yoga practice for you that you can do every morning to help you do just that.

Not only will this practice make you feel amazing, but it will help you get out of your head and into your body as well as aid in getting your baby in the best possible position for birth.

Sound good? That’s because it is.

I know because I’ve been doing it myself every morning for the past few days and I feel like a freaking goddess.

If you do this practice regularly, it will help you embody the feeling of love, acceptance and trust in your body as opposed to just thinking about loving, accepting and trusting your body.

Yoga is as powerful a practice as you want it to be. Here’s how you can make it make a difference.


Discover the empowering yoga practice here

Give yourself 15 minutes of peace and quiet to follow along with me and then let me know in the comments section below how you feel.

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p.s. If you’re in Lafayette, I wanna make sure you know where you can attend prenatal yoga classes – The Yoga Garden at 2513 Johnston St. holds an on-going class on Thursday evenings at 5:45. I highly recommend. I’ve attended myself and I’m not even pregnant!

5 Secrets to Avoid an Epidural

5 Secrets to Avoid an Epidural

You really don’t want it, but you can’t make up your mind for sure.

And even if you’re sure, your brain is playing tricks on you and you experience thoughts like:

“Will it be as bad as they say?”

“Will I get ‘lucky’ and it be pain-free?”

“I have a low pain tolerance. I’m not sure I’ll be able to take it even though I know that an epidural can be harmful.”

“What if I give in and end up with a c-section?”

“Eeesh! How can I avoid that epidural?”

Ease your mind, sweet lady. Here are 5 helpful tips to avoid getting the epidural, whatever your reason for not wanting it.

1) Take an out-of-hospital childbirth ed class

Ok, let me make that clear – Take an OUT-OF-HOSPITAL childbirth ed class.

Unless you live in a highly progressive area that’s 100% supportive of natural birth (which is pretty much nowhere in the USofA), the people teaching the class ARE NOT EXPERTS ON NATURAL CHILDBIRTH!

Education is one of the keys to having an empowered birth experience. But being educated on NATURAL birth is quite a different thing than being educated about JUST birth.

Although I teach women who are already in the “know” about natural birth, many women are still finding out about their options and what is even possible.

If this is you and you want an empowered birth experience and are at all interested in not getting an epidural, it’s quite vital that you take a basic childbirth ed class that teaches and supports NATURAL BIRTH.

Hospitals don’t do that.

Resources to look up are Birth Bootcamp, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, Bradley Method etc…

If you’re new to natural childbirth, sign up for my free eBook on my homepage that will give you 7 great, practical tips to have an empowering hospital birth

2) Practice prenatal yoga and dance

There’s power, support, and strength in the pelvis. The only way to unleash it is to connect with it through your awareness.

There’s no better way to do that than starting a prenatal yoga practice and/or dancing.

Forget the kegels. Many midwives and docs will even tell you that you don’t need to do them and I too hold that view.

Much recent research has been done on the pelvic floor and it’s been found that kegels only promote more tension in the pelvic floor which isn’t what we’re going for.

We’re going for strength and balance. Exercises that release tension in the pelvic floor and promote balance instead, are more important – such as squats, and movements that loosen your hips while building muscle tone. Hello dancing?!

When you release the tension, you open up space for ease. You can help yourself avoid an epidural by doing yoga and dancing simply because both practices release tension and build tone – which makes getting a baby out easier and less painful.

Check out your area for prenatal yoga classes or Dancing For Birth classes. And read this previous blog post about why to start a yoga practice while pregnant.

3) Hire an experienced, certified doula

Hands down, if you can’t do anything else, get yoself a doula!

Maybe I’m bias because I am one (check out my services here). But, I can’t think of a better way to avoid getting an epidural than hiring someone to be there by your side cheering you on and providing all the right comfort measures at the right time without having to ask.

People who hire doulas experience a 9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief.

So, if you’ve hired a doula, you’re already 9% less likely to be begging for an epidural. WAY TO START!

If you live outside of Lafayette, LA, find a doula in your area here.

4) Stay home as long as possible

Have you heard of the cascade of interventions? If not, check it out here.

As you can see, “going to the hospital too early” is one of the 3 main reasons women end up having a medical intervention.

You can easily avoid all of this.

Getting a professional, experienced doula, as mentioned above, will help you determine when IS a good time to go to the hospital because honestly, if it’s your first baby, you probably won’t know.

While at home, take advantage of the comfort being in familiar surroundings brings you.

At home you can dim the lights, lock yourself in the bathroom, sit on your toilet and do your thing letting the baby come down. *Hint, all these things are what your doula will help you with!

Waiting to go to the hospital until you’re for sure in ACTIVE labor will help you avoid getting into the epidural/cascade of intervention trap.

5) Don’t fear it

I’m sure you’ve heard it before; the law of attraction = you attract what you focus on.

Are you focusing more on how much you don’t want an epidural than you are on what you can do to have an empowering birth experience?

Be honest with yourself and act accordingly. If you’re afraid, start that childbirth ed class, research doulas in your area, and get into a prenatal yoga practice.

As Danielle LaPorte says, “What will you do today to feel the way you want to feel?”

Quit focusing on what you don’t want. Focus instead on what you do. And act accordingly.

And if you end up with an epidural in the end anyway, it’s ok!

You can still have an empowering birth experience if you get one.

With so much love,


p.s. If you live in Acadiana (Lafayette, LA area), let’s meet for coffee on me! Let’s talk all things birth. I’m open to anything. All questions welcome. All answers given. Pen me down here!

4 Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice While Pregnant

4 Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice While Pregnant

What is yoga to you? It may be nothing yet. But, if you’re pregnant, there’s never been a better time for you to find out.

For me, yoga is about connection – connection with my body. It’s a set aside time of the day to go within and listen to my body’s inner wisdom and find out what it needs to remain or get in balance.

In our culture, women are more disconnected than ever. We’re disconnected from each other, from our baby, from ourselves (specifically our pelvic bowl/womb space, and our body wisdom).

Starting a yoga practice while pregnant can get you back in touch with each of these aspects to help you restore balance, connection, strength and flexibility in your life – all of which are essential for a great birth experience.

4 reasons to start a yoga practice while pregnant are: