014: Finding freedom and presence in motherhood and the bedroom with Catarina Andrade

014: Finding freedom and presence in motherhood and the bedroom with Catarina Andrade

In today’s episode, I invited kundalini yoga teacher, mentor, and mama herself – Catarina Andrade to speak with me about finding freedom and presence in motherhood and the bedroom!


In today’s conversation, we explore what it’s like to become conscious co-creators of motherhood and not buy into the, “it’s so easy and natural” or the “motherhood sucks and it ties me down and I’m just waiting till the kids go off to college so I can have my life back” syndromes.


Catarina knows how to tap into presence in a way that makes us feel free in motherhood and the bedroom. Hear how her near-death experience changed everything for her and made her realize the one thing she was missing and wanted to create in her life.


In our interview, she tells about her spiritual awakening during a kundalini yoga class she attended on a retreat and how it inspired her to become a kundalini yoga teacher herself.


Catarina eloquently defines kundalini and how the 4 levels of presence can help us find freedom from suffering so we can experience more joy and pleasure as mothers and sexual beings.


We also dive deep into the topic of presence over productivity and how things aren’t always linear…how when we leave room and make space for magic and miracles, they actually happen!


Catarina Andrade supports overwhelmed mothers to feel more calm, confident, and connected to themselves, their loved ones, and their calling. Slinging a unique blend of spiritual and practical wisdom, she guides women to deepen their intuition, release mama guilt, and experience more ease, joy, and miracles in life and business.


After a decade leading multi-million dollar maternal and child health initiatives globally, her personal journey into motherhood – from burnout to awakening and rebirth – led her to become a sought-after coach for women on a mission to birth more nourishing lives for themselves, their families, and the world. Part strategist and part alchemist, Catarina has supported hundreds of women in the areas of sacred pregnancy, conscious motherhood, and making a divine contribution without burning out.


Catarina is also an international speaker, laughter and kundalini yoga teacher, energy therapist, and best-kept secret mentor to leading women up to big magical things – from changing the world to changing diapers and everything in between. You can connect with her and find her at www.catarinaandrade.com Get Catarina’s free meditation to expand your capacity to receive right here.


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013: How to mother and do business in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy with Merel Kriegsman

013: How to mother and do business in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy with Merel Kriegsman

For today’s episode, I invited copywriter and brand storyteller, Merel Kriegsman to talk with us about how to mother and do business in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy.


Merel has 2 small girls, an electric relationship with her man, and much wisdom to share for the mompreneur who wants it all… a thriving business, happy kids, and hot sex.


Hear Merel talk about the number one thing that kills desire for moms…and catch her tips and wisdom on how you can structure your life in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy.


Hear about how her surprising home birth brought her closer to her husband than ever and how sex and intimacy got better after having kids! Plus, she dishes her secrets to self-care in the postpartum while running a booming online copywriting business.


If messaging + copy is a bottleneck in your business (missed opportunities, the launches that never were), you need Merel Kriegsman. Merel is a high-end copywriter to Influencers, Visionaries and Bestselling Authors. Her promise to you? She will give your vision a voice. And a voice that sells:


She’s written many a 6-figure launch, helped entrepreneurs double their email list from 6k to 12k in less than 2 weeks and quickly sell out high-end offers well into the multiple six figures. Merel was invited to be an official mentor alongside Marie Forleo this year.


Raving fans include Laura Husson, Chris Winfield and fellow copywriter Laura Belgray who writes, “I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot.”


Connect with Merel online at www.merelkriegsman.com


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010: Love Yourself to Happiness with Michaela Horvothova

010: Love Yourself to Happiness with Michaela Horvothova

Today we get to talk with the other half of the Love Yourself to Happiness team, Michaela Horvothova.


In episode 004, we talked to her business partner Maia Young. And I’m so excited to have both of them on the show!


In today’s episode, Michaela and I talk about the transition from early 20’s party life to finding true fulfillment and friendship in a totally new way in your 30’s.


Michaela gives her secrets to radiance and self care. And we talk about self-pleasure and meditation where I introduce the holistic sex tool of breath and how putting all these pieces together increases the range of sensation and pleasurable experiences possible.


We talk about Maia and Michaela’s business and how, for Michaela, it was birthed from the inspiration of her sweet goddess bebe.


Michaela is a lifestyle consultant for busy moms who want more energy and free time in their week.  She hosts a private Facebook group called ENERGIZED MAMA TRIBE with Maia.  In there they do weekly live coaching sessions, share their resources, celebrate wins and breakthroughs and support their tribe in every way possible.


Michaela is also a podcast co-host of the Love Yourself To Happiness Show with Maia where each week they interview their favorite experts.  Michaela is also a full time mom of a 1 year old little goddess Ameya who is her biggest fan.


To listen to Love Yourself To Happiness Show visit https://apple.co/2nHg7W1


To join Energized Mama Tribe visit link: goo.gl/QiVGvm


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelahorvathova/


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008: Tapping into this secret energy source will have any mama crying tears of joy with Meliea Black

008: Tapping into this secret energy source will have any mama crying tears of joy with Meliea Black

Did you experience a lack of sexual interest after having kids?

Funny thing is…the more we pay attention to and learn to cultivate our sexual energy, the more energy for life we actually have!

When we don’t have energy to do all the mothering and the taking care of ourselves, our bodies naturally draw upon our sexual energy to get this done – kinda like a backup generator leaving us feeling depleted of our life force.

The Taoist energy system gives great insight into what we can do to keep this back up generator – our sexual energy, from being drawn upon so we’re not depleted of that as well.

It teaches us that in order to not drain our sexual energy, we must increase our chi energy by nurturing ourselves: taking time to love, play, create, and care for our spirits.

That’s why in today’s episode, Meliea Black and I talk about how having active and alive sexual energy actually gives you more energy for mothering!

We talk about early motherhood and the physical demands of your body and letting go of ideals and perfectionism. Meliea shares how she is helping women ignite their sensuality through her zen booty yoga classes and her intention seekers box subscription specifically for busy mama’s.

Meliea Black is a speaker, writer, life coach, professional midwife and lover of all things metaphysical. She is a mother of three awesome humans and a cat, Tiger, who owns her sexual agency.

When she isn’t leading women to breakthrough through her Intention Seekers coaching subscription box or studying Chakrastrology ™, she can be found on the cupping table, teaching Zen Booty body positive twerk yoga, or eating oatmeal in with rose quartz in her bra. She and her family thrive in Charlotte, NC.

Connect with Meliea at www.intentionseekers.com

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006: How to reignite passion and desire after postpartum depression with Lauren Venable

006: How to reignite passion and desire after postpartum depression with Lauren Venable

In today’s interview episode, Lauren Venable and I talk about postpartum depression, the loneliness of motherhood in the early days and how Lauren got matched with a counselor/energy healer that was able to help her get out of her undiagnosed depression.


In the interview, Lauren shares how it took 3 counseling sessions before she could even answer the question: “What do you want?” and how she went into counseling thinking she needed to fix her marriage only to be surprised that it was more about learning how to take care of herself.


She also shares how difficult it was to admit the level of support she needed in order to feel like a happy, whole, passionate and radiant woman again. We also talk about how your radiance and light is a much greater gift than your selfless service ever could be.


Learn how Lauren was able to reignite her passion and desire after struggling with undiagnosed postpartum depression as she chose to sit with fear, instead of waiting to overcome it.


Lauren is a meditation junkie on a mission to help women experience more wholeness, passion, and self-love in their lives. She graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2011 and went on to become a certified Yoga Instructor before settling in as a wife and stay-at-home mom at 24.


After 2 years of quietly struggling with Postpartum Anxiety & Depression, she began her journey of self-healing and become a certified Reiki Practitioner in 2015. Since then she has used meditation, energy healing, and empowered storytelling to overcome anxiety, depression, and deep-seeded insecurity.


When her marriage ended in late 2015, she knew it could do one of two things: break her down or break her open. She chose to be cracked wide open and transformed. Since then, she has built two successful businesses, worked through some major heart (& life) healing, and cultivated a deep sense of self-worth, passion, and excitement in her day-to-day life.


Through her private coaching/energy healing sessions, group programs, and online courses, she has seen so many women return home to themselves & discover a new way of meeting the world and the curve balls that it throws their way. Her clients have transformed their marriages, overcome depression & anxiety, made peace with their bodies, and discovered an inner source of power & wisdom to create positive change in their lives.


You can join Lauren in her private Facebook group, The Balanced Roots Community, for daily wisdom and support here


Or read more about her work over at her website


To your ecstatic pleasure,


Lacey Broussard


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003: 12 ways to rewrite the narrative on sex and motherhood

003: 12 ways to rewrite the narrative on sex and motherhood

For the past year, I’ve learned the one thing above all else that MUST be in place in order to reclaim the fullness of your sexuality while mothering – sisterhood.


But, I’ve also learned 11 other key things that must happen to rewrite the narrative of sex and motherhood. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you 12 things you must have in order to experience rapid transformation in the area of sex/love/relationships.


In this episode, I lay out a blueprint you can model to re-write the narrative on sex and motherhood within your mama tribe – a sort of container, a safe space to re-write this story not just for you, but for the collective.


Here are the 12 keys in short-order:

  • No more competition, find true sisterhood
  • Create a container of accountability and predictability to share stories and reflect and hold space for other woman
  • When your needs are met first, you can help others meet there’s
  • Educate yourself on sex and money – Consider how little you were actually taught about either.
  • Define what a successful relationship means to you
  • Uplevel how you love, relate and communicate in partnership
  • Learn to ask for what you want
  • Understand that you’re worth investing in and taking care of – you are your best asset
  • Do the basics to survive and then do what scares you to thrive
  • Learn the difference between your authentic yes and authentic no
  • Understand that sexual energy is the energy of life – if it’s not moving through you, your creative and energetic flow will feel cut off and you’ll be tired all the time
  • Realize that all emotions are inherently good even the bad ones


Books I mentioned:

Come as You Are – Emily Nagowski

Vagina – Naomi Wolf

Pussy – Regina Thomashauer

Wild Feminine – Tami Lynn Kent

Money, A Love Story – Kate Northrup

Getting the Love You Want – Harville Hendrix


Fears/Loves/Desires 15 minute guided audio to learn how to hold space with your partner.