As an experienced Lafayette, LA birth photographer since 2011, there’s hardly any type of birth that I haven’t been a part of.


From free births to hospital births, from natural to planned c-section and inductions, birth photography isn’t about getting a shot of your baby coming out (unless that’s what you really want)!

It’s about capturing the moment you meet your baby for the first time…


a moment never to be re-created and a moment your partner will want to share in, not be bothered taking photos of.

As an experienced birth photographer,


I’ve found that holding space for and honoring the sacred process of birth and the immediate postpartum is key to that being reflected in your photos. That’s why I’ve developed my own technique to work in low-light situations so you hardly even know I’m there taking photos of your experience.

As a doula, I’m well aware of the magical but lengthy and trying process that birth can sometimes be and I guarantee you’ll find no one as respectful of your process, your space, and your time.

If you’d rather let the professional handle the pictures


(and videography if you’d like) so your partner can be present and involved in the process as much as possible AND get 60-200 amazing photos of you and your baby’s first moments to boot,

contact me now to book your due date and let me know the following:


Due Date


Planned birth location


If you're interested in having me just for birth photography or as your doula as well


Any additional questions or concerns

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