Imagine having the VBAC or natural birth of your dreams without studying childbirth like it’s your biology 110 final


Wouldn’t you rather spend the last few weeks of pregnancy playing with little Liam instead of locking yourself in the closet with Ina Mae’s Guide to Childbirth?

or frantically filling out LGMC’s birth plan because those Braxton hicks contractions feel more like the real thing now?

Or wouldn’t you rather put on your festival dress and boots for Downtown Alive or Artwalk than your pj’s cause you’re feeling too anxious and unprepared about the birth to get out?

I’m Lacey Broussard – a doula and birth coach for smart, successful mamas in Lafayette, LA who want a VBAC or natural birth.


I’m your fearless guide to the VBAC or natural birth you’ve dreamed of because I teach mama’s like you what you need to know about getting that VBAC or natural birth so you’re not wasting your time or $$ on, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (Oh god, please don’t waste your time or money on that book, please!!!)

Don’t know what docs are supportive? Not sure how to get your baby in the ideal position? Worried everything will fall apart if it isn’t? No idea when to go to the hospital? Those are the ins-and-outs I’m talking about, mama.

As your doula, I’m here to save you time and head space so you can focus on the important stuff like learning how to relax, deciding on what labor, birth, and newborn procedures you’re down with, and going to those prenatal yoga classes.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true that much of what’s currently practiced in maternity care here isn’t necessarily what’s best for you and your baby.


And I get how confusing that can be.

That’s why, if you wanna relax and get confident about your VBAC or natural birth, you need an experienced doula such as myself.

I don’t mean to be rude here, but it’s unlikely your mama, your sister, or your husband knows more about optimal fetal positioning, birth plans, rebozo techniques, back labor, VBAC positions, essential oils for pregnancy and labor, and techniques for postpartum healing than I do – unless they’re a doula too, of course.

Because you’re only going to “get lucky,” as the docs say, with your VBAC or natural birth if you do some serious planning and prep work. And that’s a lot to take on without any direction.

That’s why, when you purchase my premium birth doula package, you get the premium birth experience without the hours of aimless researching. Cause honey, I know how to bring it.

As a doula whose sought out the highest quality training available to coach you through your deepest fears and concerns around childbirth and motherhood,


A doula mentored by top doulas worldwide.

A doula known for her ability to help you relax and get out of your head and into your body so you can rock your birth,

A doula who’ll support your birth decisions without judgment and be your biggest fan,

When you have a doula like that, you’ll be able to relax and get confident about your birth no matter what.

I won’t let you go unprepared. And that’s a promise.

Are you interested in having me as your fearless guide to the VBAC or natural birth you’ve been dreaming of? Contact me now to set up a Skype or Facebook Video call, and watch your anxiety and fears melt away.


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What You Get + Your Investment

Meet and Greet

If you consider yourself a smart, successful mama that wants a VBAC or natural birth, we need to talk. Fill in the contact from below and we’ll set up a time to video chat via Skype or Facebook to figure out if we’d work well together. There are over 25 doulas in Lafayette so it’s cool if we don’t gel. I’m not for everyone.


2 Prenatal appointments

During the first 1.5 hour appointment, we’ll talk about what you desire for your birth and we’ll uncover all the physical and emotional obstacles that might be keeping you from believing you can have it. You’ll walk away from this session feeling clear about how you want to feel throughout your birth while feeling confident you can get it. You’ll also have some action steps to take in the direction of your dream birth to take it out of the realm of “woo” and do what you need to do to get what you want. We’ll also discuss practical things like answering any of your questions about the contract, and referring you to high quality childbirth resources to help prepare you for what’s ahead.


During the second 1.5-2 hour prenatal appointment, we’ll go through every option you have for your labor and birth in your particular birth setting in Lafayette, LA step by step from start to finish. I’ll walk you through all of your options for your birth dependent on your particular birth setting (whether you’re birthing at LGMC, Women’s, Acadiana Birth House, or with a homebirth midwife) and based on what you’ve learned, you’ll decide what you do and don’t want concerning common labor and birth interventions and newborn procedures. You’ll walk away from this session feeling informed and empowered to make evidenced-based decisions for your birth.


4 TOTAL Private in-home optimal fetal positioning sessions AND/OR Skype birth coaching sessions to address the root of any fear about childbirth or motherhood in general. These appointment will take place between 34-40 weeks. 


Optimal fetal positioning, a.k.a. how to get your baby in the right position for birth, is one of the most overlooked childbirth ed topics and least understood by the general population. But it’s also one of the best topics to know about if you want to avoid a c-section – which I know you do. Cause no joke, nearly 90% of c-sections are due to fetal malposition or malpresentation. Optimal fetal positioning is the act of moving or manipulating your body to allow the baby to move into your pelvis easily. When your baby doesn’t descend into your pelvis easily, your labor could be a lot harder and longer than it needs to be and you might end up with a c-section.


Fortunately, there are 8 techniques to aid in optimal fetal positioning, 5 of which I can teach you in the comfort of your own home. The techniques I teach include prenatal yoga, spinning babies techniques, rebozo sifting, essential oils, and homeopathy. As your doula, you’ll have the benefit of knowing exactly what to do to aid your baby in the optimal position for birth with your private, in home optimal fetal positioning appointments. During these sessions, we’ll talk about the position your doctor or midwife has assessed your baby to be in and determine the best course of action from there. If baby is already in the optimal position, we’ll use our 4 appointments doing a prenatal yoga/relaxation session where I’ll guide you through a series of asana and meditation that will prepare you best for birth.


If you decide you’d like to address any deep-rooted fears about childbirth or motherhood, we’ll have any number (up to 4) Skype or Facebook Video Chat coaching sessions to address these issues and really hammer them out. You’ll walk away from the coaching sessions with clarity and acceptance for the parts of you keeping you in fear of childbirth or motherhood.


Unlimited phone and email support:


I want you to call or email me with your questions and concerns. If you don’t have any, I’ll be worried. When you hear about your cousin’s cousin having a terrible birth because x,y,or z happened and you’re now worried of this happening to you, you’ve got me to come to and get a clear, accurate, evidence-based answer to dispel the thousands of childbirth myths floating around out there. Or, to educate you about how what you heard might be accurate!


Attendance at Your Birth:


I’m on-call for you from the time you’re 38 – 42 weeks. Of course there are preemies and some babies that wanna bake forever. I do everything in my power to accommodate the early birds and the late risers too. When you’re in labor or you think you’re in labor, I’ll ideally meet you at your home and labor you there as long as feels comfortable to you. Based on my wisdom, knowledge and experience of birth, and your desire about when to arrive at your birth location or when to call the midwife, I’ll suggest to you a good time to leave or call the midwife. We’ll travel to the birth location separately where I’ll meet you or be waiting for you. I’ll then help set up the room to make you as comfortable as possible, assist in comfort measures, and offer my unique skills and knowledge to help move along your labor as quickly as possible. I’ll remain with you up to 2 hours postpartum. Within that time, I’ll ensure breastfeeding has been attempted at least once and that you’re settled into your recovery room before leaving.


1 Postpartum appointment


During this 1-1.5 hour postpartum session, we’ll discuss your birth and how you feel about it. I’ll give you the outsiders view about how it went and help you process anything that didn’t go as planned or celebrate with you all that did. We’ll also discuss your sleep schedule and how to adjust to new sleep patterns, baby care, visitors, housecleaning, breastfeeding, postpartum healing, and referrals to high-quality providers as needed. We’ll wrap up our time together and determine if working together further for an additional fee is needed or desired.

Your investment in your dream birth

Try it out 100% risk free


What if I realize later on that this won’t work for me?


One of the things I pride myself on is doing what it takes to get you the results you want. I’ve sought out the most effective and high-quality training and coaching certification possible and worked with hundreds of paying clients to help them achieve their dream birth. I stand by my service completely and I offer a full guarantee. You can have a complete refund after your first prenatal appointment if you decide that my services aren’t going to work for helping you get what you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if you can't be there? Do you give refunds?

Back-up doula and refund policies are explained in complete detail before signing my contract. But to calm your nerves, I’ve only ever had to call in a back-up doula once since 2011.

At what point in my pregnancy should I hire you?

I like to get you in as early as possible so I can start referring you to high-quality resources from the get-go. But typically, the prenatal appointments should be done after 25 weeks and before 37 weeks. No worries if you’re late to the game, we’ll make it happen.

What are your credentials and how do I know you're a professional?

Look me up on the website. You can read through DONA’s code of ethics and professional standards of practice. I’m certified through DONA International so I adhere to their code of ethics and practice standards. Some people call themselves doulas but have completed no training or certification. In my opinion, that is not a doula and people who do this only hurt our profession.

I have a sister/mother/other support person who want to help me. Why not use them?

Sisters and mamas are great to have at your birth if that’s what you want. But, many will NOT be your cheerleader for the natural birth or VBAC you want if you show signs of being in pain. They’ll wanna see you out of pain as quickly as possible and may try and talk you into something you don’t want. Doulas help you stick to the plan and have a better chance at doing that because they aren’t emotionally attached to you. Experienced doulas also know when to get you to your birth location and have an endless supply of tips and tricks your mama or sister probably doesn’t have.

Will you still be able to help me if I get an epidural or need a c-section?

Although I love when my clients are successful at having their VBAC or natural birth, I don’t can you if you don’t get one! Of course unexpected events happen from time-to-time and you end up needing an epidural or c-section for whatever reason. But, this is when you need me the most!

I've already had a great birth without a doula. Why would I need one this time around?

Because every birth is so different. You never know when you’ll need one. Plus, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

Why should I hire a doula when nurses are there to care for me in the hospital?

They aren’t there all the time. Nurses come in and out during your labor about once or twice/hour unless you call them in more. Most of the time, they’re either filling out paperwork or with other patients. You could take your chances and hope you’re the only one in the Labor and Delivery unit at the time, but that never happens. So, good luck with that! Nurses won’t be able to give you continual support throughout your labor unless you show up to the hospital pushing. You hire a doula to give you continual labor support.

I know someone who is a doula and will attend my birth for free. Why not use them?

You’re more than welcome to hire someone for free. I charge the price that I do because that’s the amount of value that I feel I give to my clients throughout their birth experience. When researching doula rates, you’ll find that the more experience a doula has, the more she’ll charge. You’ll also notice that prices vary greatly by location. Please keep in mind that just because someone has been to a couple of births doesn’t mean they know how to get a baby out. It’s work. And there’s a learning curve. It took me at least 40 births before I felt confident as a doula.

I can’t find a medical provider to help me get the birth I want (VBAC, twins, breech etc…), how can you help me?

We’ll research all of your options and interview all medical providers necessary until you find something that works for you. You may have to travel to a larger city.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my clients have been saying

Lacey was my doula for the births of both of my children. She is fantastic! So much so, in fact, that my husband (who needed some convincing about getting a doula in the first place) is now a firm supporter of doulas and talks about them to most people when they talk about giving birth. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to achieve the birth that I wanted if she had not been there. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and go for it!! Monique Shah

Lacey was great as our doula and I highly recommend her. We had informative pre-birth meetings and discussions that helped me prepare and feel confident in what lay ahead, and it was wonderful having someone on our side during the birth process. She’s a very open and nurturing person and we felt immediately comfortable with her. Haley Norris

Things have been so crazy since the birth that I am finding it hard to put into words how grateful I am that you were my doula. I will forever remember our walks together on the beautiful first day of spring. I have a very vivid memory of crawling on the floor during a contraction, trying to get back to the bed. You talked me through it and I thanked you because without your voice and encouragement it would have been unbearable. You are an amazing doula and an amazing women. Thank you! Nadine Melancon

We cannot thank you enough for your unbelievable care, kindness, compassion, knowledge, and intuitive spirit and encouragement during your time with us as our doula! You made our birth experience one that I am proud and blessed to have experienced – Love, Light and Thanks Lanie Boyle

Remember, you can try it out 100% risk free

You can have a complete refund after your first prenatal appointment if you decide that my services aren’t going to work for helping you get what you want.

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