If you’ve never heard of using acupuncture / moxibustion as a technique for optimal fetal positioning, you have to check this out.

It’s by far the most interesting technique I’ve come across and has over a 75% success rate in turning breech babies vertex and probably an even higher success rate for turning posterior babies anterior.

Today, you get to join me from my 4th story patio up in the palm trees in Key West as I show you the skyline and talk to you about acupuncture/moxibustion as a technique for OFP and how it works.

It’s beautiful here! Key West will definitely be on my list of places to revisit. Even with a tropical storm blowing through, Key West has been very familiar yet new and has gifted me a connection back to my sense of adventure – a feeling often left behind in the throws of motherhood to school-aged children.

I’m having so much fun exploring and going on new adventures, join me in the video here to see what I’ve been up to and learn about this interesting yet ancient technique for optimal fetal positioning.

If you missed the previous days’ videos on this topic, you can check them out here:

And today’s technique (4) Acupuncture/Moxibustion

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