What I live for

I love dancing, yoga, playing the piano, and epic love. Somehow, the later cracked me open and sent me on a path of self-discovery, self-love and personal empowerment. Giving you the support, encouragement, and inspiration to feel alive and radiant as a mama is my passion.

My big why

It’s my mission to connect you back to your aliveness and radiance even in the face of motherhood. It can be daunting, the challenges. But, there’s a way to feel alive and radiant and I can show you how!

Hi mama, I’m Lacey Broussard and I help moms transform their exhaustion into ecstasy, enabling them to feel sexy and confident in their postpartum bodies and get the intimacy and desire they crave.

My unique 10 step program draws from the wisdom of Tantra, Taoist practices, and neuroscience, empowering women so that the can use their turn-on and connection as fuel throughout the day, savor their lives and create what they desire – as compassionate, powerful mothers and as radiant sexual beings.