004: How to not loose yourself in motherhood with Maia Young

004: How to not loose yourself in motherhood with Maia Young

In this episode of The Multiorgasmic Mama, Maia Young and I talk about the pitfalls of loosing ourselves in motherhood…


how to know if you already have, and how to prevent yourself from it in the first place!


We talk about the struggle of having young kids and going back to work, creating businesses that support the lifestyles we desire, the self-care Maia practices and teaches as part of her morning and evening routines. We talk the importance of scheduling white space, how taking care of ourselves from the inside out brings inner radiance, the wisdom of tapping into the feminine cycles and putting ourselves first and finally, how to raise sexually healthy children!


Maia is a health coach, mom of two, daughter, community member, and soul sister. She lives in Maine with her two kids. After years of being lost in motherhood and following a professional life that was a path that other people thought she should follow, she has spent the past few years soul searching to re-learn who she is. By using the same tools that she now teaches to her clients, she was able to hone in on what makes her heart full. As a health coach, she wants to help women realize that nutrition is more than the food that they eat. It is the way you nurture your body from the inside out.


She wants to help moms model to their children how to nurture themselves from within so that children of the next generations can have a jump start on self-care and knowing who they really are, not what society tells them to be! Maia feels passionate about ending the epidemic of women losing themselves in our busy society. She has teamed up with Michaela Horvathova to spread their mission of giving women self-care techniques to put themselves first, become happy in their own skin, and to thrive and spread joy everywhere they go.


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Byron Katie

Wayne Dyer

Louise Hay

Christian Northrup

Transcendental Meditation

Books mentioned:

“It’s Not the Stork” and “It’s Perfectly Normal”

by Robie H Harris and Michael Emberley


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003: 12 ways to rewrite the narrative on sex and motherhood

003: 12 ways to rewrite the narrative on sex and motherhood

For the past year, I’ve learned the one thing above all else that MUST be in place in order to reclaim the fullness of your sexuality while mothering – sisterhood.


But, I’ve also learned 11 other key things that must happen to rewrite the narrative of sex and motherhood. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you 12 things you must have in order to experience rapid transformation in the area of sex/love/relationships.


In this episode, I lay out a blueprint you can model to re-write the narrative on sex and motherhood within your mama tribe – a sort of container, a safe space to re-write this story not just for you, but for the collective.


Here are the 12 keys in short-order:

  • No more competition, find true sisterhood
  • Create a container of accountability and predictability to share stories and reflect and hold space for other woman
  • When your needs are met first, you can help others meet there’s
  • Educate yourself on sex and money – Consider how little you were actually taught about either.
  • Define what a successful relationship means to you
  • Uplevel how you love, relate and communicate in partnership
  • Learn to ask for what you want
  • Understand that you’re worth investing in and taking care of – you are your best asset
  • Do the basics to survive and then do what scares you to thrive
  • Learn the difference between your authentic yes and authentic no
  • Understand that sexual energy is the energy of life – if it’s not moving through you, your creative and energetic flow will feel cut off and you’ll be tired all the time
  • Realize that all emotions are inherently good even the bad ones


Books I mentioned:

Come as You Are – Emily Nagowski

Vagina – Naomi Wolf

Pussy – Regina Thomashauer

Wild Feminine – Tami Lynn Kent

Money, A Love Story – Kate Northrup

Getting the Love You Want – Harville Hendrix


Fears/Loves/Desires 15 minute guided audio to learn how to hold space with your partner.

002: The journey back to sexual wholeness with Morgan Day Cecil

002: The journey back to sexual wholeness with Morgan Day Cecil

Morgan Day Cecil is a fellow sex/love/relationship coaching peer whom I met at a retreat in Mexico in May 2017.


Getting to know Morgan was like grace embodying itself. The power of her story and the way she tells it is one of the most captivating I’ve ever heard.


In this episode, Morgan shares her deeply vulnerable story of sexual abuse, eating disorder, the shame that came along with both, and her amazing story of redemption and healing back into herself and her body. Morgan shares how becoming a mother was an initiation back into the sacredness of her body and belonging to herself.


We discuss how your body and sexuality is for you, and how you don’t need approval from a man or anyone else to deem yourself worthy of delighting in you. We also talk about how yoga, mediation, breathwork, and tantra brought her back to sexual wholeness.


More about Morgan:


Morgan Day Cecil’s mission is to embody love, live in wholeness and help other women live in freedom, not shame. Through her courses, one on one work, and Sophia Experience Retreats, Morgan gently empowers women to come home to their hidden wholeness and sacred feminine and enjoy their body of bliss. She lives in Portland, OR with her two kids and husband.


You can find her at www.morgandaycecil.com and on Instagram @morgandaycecil


As a way to say, “Thanks for listening and helping me spread the message that women can embrace the fullness of their sexuality and be amazing mama’s too,” head over to iTunes and leave me a review and a 5 star rating for your chance to win a free jade egg February 5, 2018!



001: Meet Lacey Broussard – sex, love, and relationship coach for moms

001: Meet Lacey Broussard – sex, love, and relationship coach for moms

The Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast is finally here!

In this very first episode of The Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast, I share with you the story of how and why being born and raised in South Louisiana in a conservative Christian environment led me to become a sex, love, and relationship coach for moms, Tantra and jade egg teacher, and why I named the podcast “The Multiorgasmic Mama.”

In this episode, I talk about my religious upbringing and how it effected how I felt about being born a woman, teenage love and the fear of abandonment, birth stories and how they cracked me wide open, sexual awakening through the jade egg and Tantra with my husband, what’s possible in the realm of relationships as we step into a new paradigm of how we love, relate and communicate with ourselves and our partners, and the taboo around sex and motherhood and how I aim to break it.

Episode mentions:

Julie Hughes soul midwife

Jenn Burton dating coach

Layla Martin tantra teacher

Marie Forleo b-school program

Now, it’s your turn to go grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and listen by the fire or get outside and go for a run while you listen for a weekly dose of inspiration. You can listen right here from my website or from the Libsyn link here. Due to issues with submitting the podcast to iTunes, you won’t be able to find it in there just yet. Hopefully next week. In the meantime, stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it!

To your pleasure mama,