The Four Phases of Desire Part 1: Receive

The Four Phases of Desire Part 1: Receive

(Inspired by Kate Northrup’s recent four-part blog series on the phases of creation, I bring you the first part of my four-part blog series on the phases of desire, sexual desire, in particular. We all have desire at some point in our lives, some times more than others. Just like the phases of the moon, and the planting seasons, a woman’s desire is cyclical, like her menstrual cycle. The level of a woman’s sexual desire is often dependent on what phase of the menstrual cycle she’s in.)



You know summer’s here when mom guilt sinks in.


Mom guilt for allowing the kids WAY more screen time than should be legal…


So you can work on launching your new project or business in as much peace and quiet as possible.


Well, last week, summer hit the Broussard house.


I was mom-frazzled by Wednesday struggling working from home and giving kids attention simultaneously.


One task I did manage to complete was a survey on sex and motherhood.


I asked women what their biggest struggles were in sex, love, and relationships after having kids.


38 respondents later, I was surprised at the results.


Learn what I discovered here !


In the 5 minute video you’ll learn:


  • The top 3 issues moms face in sex, love, and relationships after having kids
  • The 4 phases of desire and how the receiving phase of desire is akin to summer/the ovulation phase of your cycle/the full moon
  • How your cycle affects your desire
  • What to do when you’re in the receiving phase of desire
  • The benefits of receiving

No matter what phase of desire you’re in, it’s important to honor where you are.


Afraid to ask for what you want? Don’t know how to relax into receiving?


I’ve got just what you need. Check out my free guided audio practice – 15 minutes to more intimacy and connection in the bedroom here.


If you’re ready to update how you love, relate, and communicate so you can spend more time being awesome together, check it out here!


With so much love,




p.s. Are you a mom that would love to transform your exhaustion into ecstasy, so you feel sexy and confident in your body and get the intimacy and desire you crave? Sign up here to book a FREE relationship coaching session with me. Once you book a day and time, I’ll be in touch via email with next steps. Can’t wait to talk mama!


p.s.s. Are you local in Lafayette, LA? Full Moon Women’s Circle at The Yoga Garden Sunday, August 6th, 11:15-12:45. Follow the FB link here for the details!


Prenatal yoga at The Yoga Garden Thursday’s 5:45!

Women’s Circles: Then and Now

Women’s Circles: Then and Now

Not gonna lie, I used to think that a New Moon/Full Moon Women’s circle was conducted by crazy hippie ladies.


In my head I saw a circle of women holding up their magic crystals and howling at the moon by light of a bonfire.


I’d never been to one, so I had no idea.


I also grew up Southern Baptist in a small town in Louisiana.


So, I lived a very naïve and sheltered life until I got a job at a local coffee shop at 16 and told them that I “had” to work Sunday’s so I could get out of going to church with my parents.


Motivated to leave small town Louisiana, I saved nearly every penny I made to move to Denver, CO.


So, the morning after I graduated high-school, that’s what I did.


And I spent the next 10 years moving from place to place, stumbling through life with no real friends, and no support system.


Even to this day, I get jealous of many of my doula clients who’re having their babies in much more stable conditions – an established career, a tribe of friends, family around.


I even fantasize about what it would be like to have started my family now at 33 with my current man in our current situation now that our lives are more stable and established.


Anyway, it wasn’t until the end of last year, when I started tantra school to become a sex/love/relationship coach that I realized what true sisterhood – having a tribe of women who support and believe in you – is all about.


The only time I’d ever felt I belonged to something was my church family growing up – even though by the time I was 13/14, I knew that I didn’t believe the same things as them.


And as soon as I didn’t believe the same things, I got rejected…yep! I got in a fight with the youth minister when I was 16 – hence, I told the coffee shop I HAD to work Sunday’s 😉


And not until recently have I ever felt a “part” of anything or like I belonged.


I didn’t know what it would be like to have a group of women who truly believed in my power, whom I could call on to be heard, seen, and held in a truly supportive way and to offer the same for them.


Not in the kind of way where you bitch and complain and they agree that you’re a victim. No! Screw that shit.


I needed women who’d hold space for me and offer non-judgmental reflection and support.


So when I started my 600-hour, year long sex/love/relationship coaching certification program, I immediately became a part of a tribe of 165 of the most sexually liberated, leading-edge woman on the planet.


And with the snap of a finger, I found sisterhood for the first time in my life.


A safe container to connect, share, support, heal & transform was given to me right away and there was a feeling of “coming home” right then and there.


5 months later, I had the opportunity to meet 50 of them in Mexico for our live training portion of the program.


Starstruck as I was, it was like meeting a bunch of celebrities for the first time – all 50 of them at once.


Women whom I’d connected so deeply with via video and live calls and bore my soul to online, finally meeting in one place. It was surreal.


When I came home from Mexico, I realized that no longer having a sisterhood within my own community was an option.


I knew that if it were vital for my own well-being, then it must be for other woman in our community too who feel like they don’t belong or have a sisterhood they feel connected with.


That’s why I’ve created a safe container for woman of all ages, paths, and sexual orientations to come together as one:


  • To share our journey, insights and stories.


  • To be a safe space for women to be heard, seen and to transform.


  • To inspire self-forgiveness, empowerment and healthy relationships with other women.


  • To embrace the feminine essence by embracing ourselves, our rhythms and intuition.


So if sisterhood is something you’re yearning for too, I welcome you to join me for our first New Moon Women’s Circle at The Yoga Garden, this Sunday, July 23rd at 11:15-12:45.


The July 23rd New Moon Women’s Circle will involve a welcoming with introductions and agreements for engaging the group.


We’ll do a Unify heart meditation and visualization with this month’s theme followed by a sharing exercise.


After that will be a short break, and we’ll end the circle with a new moon intention-setting exercise and a closing.


Come experience being seen, heard, and held and to see, hear, and hold one another as we redefine and rebuild sisterhood. While each of us has our own path, we also cannot walk alone!


Check out the Facebook event with all the details here!


I hope to see you there!


Unify in sisterhood,





What Yogini’s Really Want

What Yogini’s Really Want

I went to my first yoga class in Denver, CO a few months after my youngest baby was born in 2010.

It seemed like a good workout and a great way to relax at the same time. What more does a postpartum mama want?


A good friend from The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center in Denver had invited me. I loved the hot yoga and how much I sweat.


Then I moved to Lafayette, LA in June 2011 as a single mom. It took a few weeks to find a yoga home and someone to watch my babies while I went. There were only about 3 places in town that taught at the time.


So I started going to the studio I could ride my bike to and found myself sitting in the Yin classes with all the old people more than the hot and powerful “yogacise” classes.


I questioned why I liked the yin classes more…I didn’t break a sweat, I was only 27 (not 72 like all the others haha!), I was already super flexible, it hurt more, and I balled my eyes out every single time I went… for a year straight.


My sweet teachers probably thought I was a hot mess. Rightly so – I was. Nonetheless, I persisted because it was the only safe place I could release relationship heartache, stress and worry, and all the issues in my tissues.


Fast forward to 2015, I finally found myself capable of beginning a mysore ashtanga practice – where you go and do the same asana practice each time at your own pace.


Although it took my body to a new level of strength and capability, I found the practice to be more rigid than my liking. So, I searched to find a style of yoga that was more pleasurable and free flowing.


I had spent over a year crying my eyes out in yin and another few years pushing my edge, so naturally, I wanted something in-between – something that felt pleasurable, but allowed me to release whatever I needed to release too… in a way that felt safe!


Then I went to Tantra school where my teacher, Layla Martin, taught me that there was a lineage of female gurus in India that taught a pleasurable, ecstatic yoga practice. Luckily, we know about them today because the men thought it might be a good idea to mention in the texts when the Muslim’s invaded India.


These tantrikas even had a Sanskrit word for every pleasurable sound a person could make during a yoga practice.


But do you ever hear about a pleasurable and ecstatic form of yoga where you can safely go to release and express whatever you need to release and express without being judged or feeling like you’re “too much”?


Yeah, probably not. That’s why I had to re-create it.


I call it yoni yoga. And if you’ve heard of and have a jade egg, you can use it with your practice, or not, whatever you prefer.


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vulva and womb area of the female body and it means “sacred space”.


A woman in deep connection to her yoni experiences greater self-love, more personal power and freedom, ecstatic pleasure, and more joy within her body.


One of the many benefits of yoga is to restore connection to your body. But, the yoga we know today is a style of yoga passed on by male practitioners that often disregard the important pelvic region of the female body.


And if you have a yoni, you might find it a bit rigid too.


Unless you’re like most of us, and feel disconnected or numb down there. Which is exactly why you need to experience yoni yoga yourself.


Reconnecting a woman to her heart and yoni is often the missing piece in personal empowerment for women today.


By the time we’re teenagers, most of us have disconnected from our power center in the pelvic area due to guilt and shame around our bodies, perceived imperfections, unacknowledged life transitions such as menarche, birth, postpartum, and menopause, traumatic sexual experiences, or even a traumatic birth process.


To bring a more feminine approach to the yoga world, yoni yoga is a style of yoga and breathwork that I’ve developed specifically to reconnect and re-sensitize you to feeling and sensation in your pelvic region.


It’s my intention that through this practice, you’ll connect back to your life force and your power center so healing and integration can occur from within and personal empowerment can be restored.


If you’re interested in experiencing this female-centric yoga style that’s pleasurable and ecstatic and where you can safely release and express whatever you need to without being judged or feeling like you’re “too much,” I’m holding a 3-hour Yoni Yoga workshop this Saturday, July 22, 2017 at The Yoga Garden from 3:00-6:00.


When you leave the workshop you’ll feel:

1) A greater sense of self-love and acceptance

2) Powerful and capable of creating whatever you want in your life

3) More sensation and pleasure in your body


Click here for the event info and to let us know you’re going!


To your pleasure,