Jade Egg for Postpartum Healing

Jade Egg for Postpartum Healing

To be honest, I get super bummed every time I go to a postpartum appointment as a doula…

Because I wonder how I can possibly wrap up everything this women has been through and needs to know about for the next year in one, one-hour session.

Knowing what’s ahead for her and wanting to help more.

I worry about her getting postpartum depression because there’s so little support.

I worry about her relationship, because I personally know how challenging it can be to get on the same team and re-define roles.

I worry if her stitches will heal properly,

If her doctor will actually have something useful to say if she’s experiencing pain with intercourse.

I worry if her and her partner will ‘make it through’

I worry if she’ll unnecessarily experience incontinence for years.

I worry because we have no systematic rehabilitation process in the US to restore a women’s sexual health post-birth,

Leaving countless women suffering in silence with their relationships and sex lives.

However, this lack of support isn’t universal…

Countries like France, Japan, and Malaysia have support systems in place to help a women restore her pelvic floor and sexual health,

Preventing or even eliminating many of the problems that women experience in the first year postpartum such as organ prolapse, incontinence, pain during intercourse, numbness, tenderness etc…

France does this by giving postpartum women access to cooch coaches who evaluate your pelvic floor and give you practices and exercises to help restore function.

Many East Asian countries have practices such as mother roasting and belly binding, and…my #1 postpartum healing practice from the Taoist tradition – the jade egg practice.

The jade egg is my favorite postpartum healing practice for 3 reasons:

1) It reestablishes great pelvic health

Women experience all sorts of pelvic health issues post-birth such as: organ prolapse (40% of women will experience some sort of prolapse within their lifetime), incontinence, and disconnection, numbness, or tenderness in the vagina or cervix.

And because we have no systematic rehabilitation of the vagina post-birth and often suffer in silence or don’t know how or where to get help, we experience decreased libido that leads to stress in our relationships.

We want to feel good down there, but something’s not quite right.

And that totally sucks.

Great news is, the jade egg absolutely can heal incontinence, prolapse, disconnection, numbness, and tenderness and is even recommended by some OB/GYN’s.

It can heal these issues by helping to build inner muscular strength at different depths inside of the vagina.

If used at the entrance of the vagina, the jade egg can heal incontinence or bladder prolapse.

If used deeper inside of the vagina towards the cervix, the jade egg can heal cervical or uterine prolapse.

And used at any depth, the jade egg creates a deeper mind/body connection, increasing sensitivity while reducing tenderness.

Kegels aren’t that cool. They only help with incontinence.

2) It awakens and ignites your sexual energy after having a baby

First of all, you’ve gotta know that it’s totally normal to experience decreased libido post-birth… for a while.

But, when you want to want it and it’s just not there, the jade egg awaits you!

Starting a jade egg practice sky rockets libido for most women,

Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have any major limiting beliefs around sex or if you simply feel tired, overwhelmed, or that you don’t have time for it.

The jade egg does this by activating energy channels in your body that open you up to pleasure and reconnect you to your sexual and creative power.

What’s actually happening when you start the practice is that the egg massages reflexology points in your vagina within your pelvic floor and encourages balance, beauty and youth.

No need for a female Viagra or even a fountain of youth. We’ve had it for thousands of years already…Yay!

3) It’s a self-care practice you can do on your own once you learn how to use it

One of the most empowering and beautiful things about this practice is that once you buy an egg and learn how to use it, the practice becomes yours.

It’s like yoga for the vagina.

You can take it wherever you want and do the practice whenever you want and however you like.

You can fine-tune it and tweak it to be what you want in a way that supports you.

And there’s nothing as empowering as that.

If you’re hardly containing yourself at the thought of, “How can I get my hands on that and learn how to use it?” no worries my love. I’ve got you covered…

First, make sure you put your name and email anywhere on the website so you can get updated about my jade egg shop opening early next year as well as updates about future live and online jade egg workshops so you can learn how to use it!

And if you’re so excited you just can’t hide it, go purchase one here or here for now and get started right away.

Here’s to your amazing postpartum health

With so much love,