“How can you have a pleasurable or even orgasmic birth?”

“How can you have a pleasurable or even orgasmic birth?”

I spent years avoiding pleasure because I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to get myself through the heartbreak that made pleasure unbearable.

I didn’t feel that I deserved it.

And I was too afraid to feel it for fear of loosing it…again.

Of course, that belief was under the false pretense that pleasure came from something outside of me. And no one told me otherwise.

So I spent years avoiding pleausre.

Nothing about life was sweet, music sounded ok, colors were just colors, and flowers were just flowers. I was not living. I was stuck.

Until one day, I vowed that I’d get myself out of this and find out what it’d take to bring pleasure back into my life and feel truly alive again.

Today, I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments to have turned all that around.

It took a hell a lot of courage I didn’t know I had.

It started with saying yes to my life.

And the first thing I said YES to after becoming single at 27 with a 6 month old and a 3 year old was a next level relationship.

Dating was scary. as. hell.

It took getting curious about what would happen if I let go of attachment and hope for the relationship I wanted with a particular man that wouldn’t say yes.

Then connecting with my desire and what brought me pleasure and focusing instead on that.

Letting go of negative, limited belief systems around pleasure and desire from childhood that no longer served me.

And after meeting my husband, expanding more and more every day into what is even possible when it comes to pleasure and intimacy between two people.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what was possible in the form of pleasure when I birthed my babies.

And even though I’m not having any more, I do know that it’s possible to have pleasurable, even orgasmic birth experiences.

I’ve spent a year and a half expanding the upper limits of pleasure in my body, and breaking through limits of possibility with my partner.

And I’m now feeling more alive than ever.

Sometimes, what I feel in my body scares me whether it’s pain in a particular area or a new sensation. Just like in labor and birth.

But instead of letting the fear and pain get the best of me, the wise woman inside me reminds me that it’s ok to be afraid, you don’t have to shut down.

Stop where you are in the fear, the pain, or the new sensation. Feel into it. Breathe. Move towards it. Lean into it. Slowly. Keep breathing. De-armor. There’s something amazing on the other side of it.

And that’s exactly what I hope for birthing women who are a bit more ahead of me than I was birthing my babies not knowing the possibility for pleasure.

Don’t let the fear and pain of labor and birth shut you down in the process.

Feel into it. Don’t escape it. Stay in your body. Breathe. Lean into it. There is pleasure on the other side of what you’re feeling.

And it will make you laugh uncontrollable.

Or cry in ecstasy.

Or maybe even scream like a wild woman.

It’s possible and I show you how right here in today’s video.

Are you excited at the possibility of having a pleasurable or even orgasmic birth? I’d love to hear from you about where you’re at and how you’re preparing for it.

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11 things to know for accidental or planned unassisted birth

11 things to know for accidental or planned unassisted birth

Whether it’s accidental or planned, unassisted birth happens. I’ve had one myself.

Yep, it was planned, but good thing it was because both of my labors were precipitous – meaning they were less than 2-3 hours long – leaving me unaware that I was actually in labor for much of my first birth. By the time I realized that “this is for sure labor”, I had my baby less than 30 minutes later.

Educating yourself on birth is simply one way to feeling empowered no matter what happens. You may not have a precipitous birth at home unassisted, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for you to know what to do if it does.

As a doula for 5 years now, I’ve witnessed some “close calls” making it to the hospital or birth center or waiting for the midwife to come and I know I’ve gotten really lucky to never have *had to catch a baby yet.

The point is, sometimes it happens whether you plan on it or not.

In today’s video I give you some basic ‘need to knows’ of things I would want to know knowing what I know now if I had to go back and do this thing all over again.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things you ‘need to know’ to catch your baby as you can never be too prepared or know too much. It’s good to know everything, but if you’re looking for a list to get you started on the basics, check it out here:

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to convince you that unassisted birth is safe nor is it intended to persuade or encourage you to have an unassisted birth. This video is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor or a health care professional so this information should not be taken as advice or medical advice. If you have any medical questions or concerns, you must consult a licensed health care professional.

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“Should I Consider Changing Medical Providers During Pregnancy?”

“Should I Consider Changing Medical Providers During Pregnancy?”

Changing medical providers during pregnancy can feel like a lot of work and hassle.

You’re pregnant, maybe you have other kids already, you might be working and don’t have a lot of time to put into this and honestly, you hate change.

You’re not even sure if changing medical providers will solve the problem you’d like resolved in the first place.

So is it worth the hassle and time?

In today’s video, I give you the top 4 reasons you should consider changing medical providers if you’re wanting a natural, empowering birth experience.

And, one common reason people change medical providers but probably shouldn’t.

Check out the video here!

If you’re not feeling it with your current medical provider, I’ve made a .pdf full of awesome questions to ask a potential medical provider to help you find someone who’s a good fit.

When you ask great questions, you’re much more likely to find and build a birth team that serves you and supports your desire for a natural, empowering birth experience.

Raising the bar for the standard of prenatal care will only happen when YOU require it.

Being passive about a less than ideal provider, thinking, hoping, and wishing that you’ll get the treatment you’re hoping for when you’ve received none of the sorts up till now is wishful thinking.

Don’t let being too busy or feeling like it’s a hassle keep you from finding the better care you deserve.

Pop in your name and email here and I’ll send you the .pdf to get you started along with some other amazing freebies that I only offer via email.

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“What if I Never Get the Birth I Want?”

“What if I Never Get the Birth I Want?”

A common question to those of you who’ve had a less than stellar past birth experience.

Do you live vicariously through other mama’s going for the natural, empowering birth that you want?

Do you try your best to inform other mama’s in ways that you weren’t?

Do you keep having babies until you get it?

Many of you have had to put on your big girl pants and suck it up, deal, and eventually accept your less than ideal birth experience simply because you were never taught how birth can be empowering even if it doesn’t go as planned.

But, if you want another baby, how do you find within yourself to let the past go and keep aiming for that natural, empowering, healing birth anyway without feeling that you’re going to self-sabatoge your experience?

Will you ever get it? Can you ever get it?

Today, I’m giving you my answer to that common question in the video here.

As I speak with many women about their birth experiences, I’m often asked the same questions from expecting mama’s.

Over the next few weeks, I’m tackling them one at a time by taking your questions specifically and giving you answers to the most common ones.

If you have a burning Q that you’d like an A to from an experienced doula who’s talked with hundreds of mama’s about their birth experiences, email me you question to lacey@laceybroussard.com.

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Are You Headed in the Wrong Direction to Get the Birth You Want?

Are You Headed in the Wrong Direction to Get the Birth You Want?

Far too many of you are headed in the wrong direction for the birth you’re hoping for.

I know because I’ve been talking to mama’s for 5 years about what they want for their birth and showing them how to get there.

And SO MANY of you are headed in the wrong direction from the get-go.

Getting clear about what you want considering what you’ve got and course correcting from where you’re at is KEY to having a birth you won’t be disappointed about.

You wouldn’t take a vacation without a clear, confident plan would you?

Then, don’t create a birth plan until you’re clear, confident and sure about it either. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for mega disappointment.

Watch today’s video to learn how I can help you here


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