The #1 Reason I’m Not a Fan of Natural Childbirth Methods

The #1 Reason I’m Not a Fan of Natural Childbirth Methods

Just relax, create your own non-medical anesthesia, breathe this way…

In the past few decades, there have been a number of natural childbirth methods that have come out to teach you the way to birth naturally.

And if you’ve had any interest in having your baby naturally you’ve probably already taken a class on one of these said “methods” with highly varying success rates.

The truth is, you want to learn about birth but the classes often taught in hospitals and within community organizations are often described as boring or unhelpful. So you look for something else. And then you find THE METHOD.

Well, there’s really nothing precise or formulated about having a baby so any time I hear of a new method, my wild and free spirit tends to run far away because a part of me intuitively knows that making birth methodical or formulated is ironic as all get out.

I’m all about empowering you with TOOLS TO HELP YOU birth your baby, but the truth is:

No one can teach you HOW to have your baby because that’s something your body will do without your brain’s help.

Here’s a good way to look at it: Could you imagine a woman in a remote indigenous tribe being told how to have her baby? The idea of that sounds crazy.

You want to learn about birth because you want to know what you need to do to get the results you want to get.

And deep down, that means you want to know what to do to feel the way you want to feel.

And plenty of people have come up with just the right method or formula to teach you how to get the results you want. Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn’t.

The #1 reason I’m not a fan of natural childbirth methods or formulas is because that comes with the assumption that you don’t know how to have your baby naturally. And that’s simply not true.

I know it’s no surprise to you, but your body was designed and made to birth babies so learning steps 1-5 to get your baby out isn’t necessary; learning tools to reconnect you to your body so you can get out of your own way and let your body do what comes naturally to you IS necessary.

And more than likely, you will need more than one tool to do this since we as a society are chronically disconnected from our body wisdom and intuition.

And that’s precisely why women in tribal and indigenous cultures don’t need to be taught any method or formula to having their babies. They are already so connected and have an innate trust in their bodies and such deep support from other women in their tribe they simply trust the process.

The technocratic model of birth that we were brought up with has ingrained in us the message that birth is an emergency and that it needs to be monitored and managed.

Even this morning I was at my local healthclub on a stationary bike when I noticed the tv screen headline say something about how brave an NYC cop was for delivering a baby in a car during rush hour.

Not to discount his bravery, but this goes to show how much we see birth as an emergency and something that just can’t happen on its’ own without careful monitoring and management. And if it does, it’s a new-worthy MIRACLE!

Taking a class on a natural childbirth method can be very helpful in teaching mamas-to-be about labor, birth and postpartum, and what to expect.

But do any of these methods restore you to an innate trust and profound connection to your body or leave you feeling fully supported by YOUR tribe – all necessary ingredients to feeling empowered to do what your body was made to do?

Your body isn’t broken.

You already have everything within you to birth your baby naturally.

Method or no method, if learning the basics, learning tools to reconnect and re-establish trust in your body, and building your own tribe of women who fully support your decisions interests you, join the empowered birth revolution right here and go like or follow the Wild Born Project on Facebook or Instagram (@wildbornproject) to learn more about birth from women in other cultures. Photo credit @wildbornproject

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Always remember, there’s nothing outside of you that’s not already within you to do what you were born to do!

To your remembering,